Dirty Laundry

Several of my friends told me, before I packed my oldest off to camp, ‘don’t get expensive socks, he’ll loose half of what he takes’. Not that I ever buy ‘expensive’ socks, but forewarned I bought the cheapest cotton socks I could find in his size.

And they were right. Less than half returned.

What they didn’t tell me, though, was that the ones that returned were pretty much lost causes too. I have never seen ‘clean’ socks this dirty. Correction, I have. When pig slop ‘accidentally’ got into shoes during farm crew in high school and stained your sock FOREVER.

I have washed the boys socks using ‘the whitest whites’ setting on the washing machine AND bleach. Still brown bottomed. Didn’t dry them, instead I sprayed and scrubbed with Oxy Clean and washed again. Still not looking anything near clean. I’m not aiming for day-glo-white here, merely CLEAN. I’m not even close.

At this point I’m giving up; they’ll just have to make do with brown, stained socks – which are clean even if they don’t look it. However, I’m already keeping my eye out for ‘sales’ on socks for next year.


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