My friend Jerri Drennen’s Untouched comes out Tuesday!

Jerri Drennen‘s a very good writer who is unreasonably anxious about how her new book Untouched, due out from Liquid Silver Press,  is going to be received.

It’s a wonderful book! Well, a little tense and scary at times, but in a good way. Hope you’ll take a look!


Botanist Madeline Wentworth is relieved to be heading into the Amazon, far from the university and the vicious rumors circulating about her failed love affair. But on arriving in Peru, her team finds their guide dead with a small puncture wound to his throat. Waiting to replace him is Travis Kane, Amazon guide and super hunk. Mattie is instantly attracted but uncomfortably suspicious. When a member of her team falls ill and a similar wound is found on his body, her suspicions deepen.

Travis has stuck with being a jungle guide for over ten years despite a run of unsavory clients. The rain forest is full of hidden ruins and undiscovered treasure, and he’s determined to find his share. But, when his grandfather dies, leaving a letter boasting of Templar gold, he’s sure it’s nothing more than an old man’s delusion. Everything changes when he finds his grandfather’s map. With high hopes, he leads Mattie’s team into the jungle, and finds himself overwhelmed by the beautiful blonde. When the group is attacked and has to fight its way out of the jungle, Travis discovers something more precious than gold–the love of a woman who’s made him want to be a better man

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