“Traditional” E-pub vs Self E-pub

Over at Some Write it Hot, Evanne Lorraine shares some thoughts on going the ‘traditional’ e-publishing route vs. self e-publishing.

In the full interests of disclaimers: I am always, always leery of people who *first* go the self epub route. Personally, I don’t recommend it. If your stories are continually getting rejected that’s usually a sign your writing still needs work. I say ‘stories’ because I simply can’t imagine some jumping on the self epub band wagon based on one story’s rejection, that, to me is the height of self delusion.

Obviously there will be exceptions to any rule,  but for the vast majority of writers, unfortunately the harsh truth is they are getting rejected because their writing is not of the caliber they think it is.

That said, I am far less leery of someone who has run the gauntlet of getting pubbed, particularly if they are multi-book pubbed, going the self epub route. As Evanne says, there types and genres of stories which epubs look for and when you have something which cannot be conveniently slotted, well, you are stuck.

I hope her venture into self e-publishing goes well.  A Scarlet Past, is scheduled for release this November direct to Kindle via Amazon’s digital platform. I’m certain she’ll update us!


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  1. Thanks for the promo Ellie! I haven’t even finished the story and I’m already overwhelmed by the task of promoting 😀

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