Wonderful post by crit buddy KevaD on Critique Groups. (via Some Write It Hot)

If you are on the fence, or simply thinking about it, I suggest you give this a read. Keva hits the nail on the head as to why, for so many writers, critique groups are vital to bring their work up to the level accepted by agents and publishers.

I especially urge writers who have a pile of rejections to read Keva’s post. I think you’ll find it enlightening.

I’ve seen this question posed and discussed in various chat rooms, blogs, and sites. Given my experience with and without a critiquing group to support my efforts, I’m going to weigh in on the answer here and now. Grab a Pepsi or a glass of wine. I’m never short-winded. For two years I wrote and submitted my work to agents and publishers, knowing I would receive the literary brass ring in response at any moment. How could they not see I was the n … Read More

via Some Write It Hot