Query: how not to write one.

Okay, I’ve discovered how not to write a query. Actually first attempt wasn’t *that* bad, but it wasn’t good either. On my fourth (?) draft and I think this is better. Shows a bit of character arc, where the plot goes and what makes my story unique. Thanks Cherise!

Here’s what I learned:

The middle paragraph should sound very back of book blurb-ish, not a dry recounting of the beginning story line.  Tell a little about the two main character’s conflict and what obstacles they are facing. Set up a little of the world they are in to show it is different and unique, particularly if it impacts their interaction.

Once I have it done, I may post that part here to get feed back, see if you would be interested in the book.

Right now, though, the current plan is to send everything off tomorrow. Hopefully my head cold will cooperate and I’ll be able to concentrate tonight on wrapping things up.