The ‘blurb’ inside the query

As promised, the expanded blurb of Maven’s Choice, which was in the query letter. Let me know what you think.

When a rogue Were demolishes part of the Buffalo Skyway, Tania is duty-bound to rescue Folk and mortal survivors from the wreckage and capture the renegade. Always one to put another’s needs before her own, she agrees to join forces with Niccolo Lombard, an agent for a secret government agency which monitors Folk society. When she unwittingly unlocks Nic’s suppressed Elf heritage, Nic is stunned, having been raised from birth among mortals as an Offblood, an Elf with no powers. The transformation – as will any relationship with Tania – will end his career and destroy his personal mission to keep mortals safe from Folk.

Powerful male elves are very rare and Tania wrestles with her mental and physical reaction to Nic. She needs time away from him and time to deal with the growing problems within Folk society. To Nic and Tania’s dismay, fate and fellow Folk conspire to keep them together as the wily Puck places a geas upon them, male Weres disappear and Folk enclaves are attacked from within. If they don’t root out the renegades, Folk and mortals all over the country will soon be in danger. As Nic and Tania track the sociopath, their growing feelings for each other might never be realized as his bloody agenda now focuses on destroying Tania.