I love to write but sometimes…

I love to write. I’m never at a loss for story ideas or characters. Although they don’t always pan out to enough to fill a full story, the ideas and people are always there.

But real life keeps getting in the way! Right now it looks like I’ll be busy fixing up my current house to sell AND fixing up the house I’ll be moving into at the same time. And the latter one is long distance, with its own set of headaches.

Not to mention I single parent three kids from teen to elementary school age, well, life keeps pulling me away from my writing.

Hopefully I’ll hit a ‘lull’ with everything soon, but until then the story ideas are just getting jotted down and my novella is languishing on the back burner.

I can’t imagine not writing, but I have to finally admit I’m on a bit of a forced hiatus with no blocks of time to gather my thoughts and write.

On the other hand, when I do get back to it,  I’ll have  a file full of ideas!