This is like something out of a romantic comedy!

Perhaps a meant-to-be-silly-yet-sweet gesture gone viral?

Someone put a sign stating “I love and appreciate my wife.”  in their front yard in a community near mine:

This community has a very active online message board so, needless to say, a thread was started about it:

Maplewood Online Thread Some of the comments are quite funny.

It wasn’t long before the local ‘online’ newspaper picked it up. Who’s got some ‘splaining to do?! Maplewood Patch

And now… the local news truck is parked in front, trying to get the inside scoop, prompting yet another article in the online paper, the Maplewood Patch: Oh, Lordie- “My Wife” Signage Brings Out the Big Guns!

Quote: From the looks of the ABC News truck I just saw, it seems that Phil Lipof is also on the case.

and… still, no one knows the ‘why’! However, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was reading something by someone like Susan Elizabeth Phillips.




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