Lover’s Quarrel in Ten Lines

Ran across this from a writing challenge I did several years ago. Still cracks me up, although this quarrel is pretty minor. Anyone want to play along? Write your ‘quarrel’ in the comments.

He: Ouch! Watch the toes. Since when is buxom a bad word? Men like buxom.

She: Yeah, like they like lard butts.

He: I like big butts and I cannot lie…wait…ouch! Hey, cool it! I’m sorry! Really, I’m sorry. I meant it as a compliment.

She: Like ‘sorry’ is going to work, Chad. You know how I feel about how I look in this dress! Never should have let my sister talk me into it.

He: You should know how much I like all of you, no matter what you wear, Christie Jones-Dubinow. Or what you don’t wear. All of you…every… single…bit…hmm, I don’t suppose you want me to show you again? Now? Perhaps the coat room is empty.

She: Disappear for a bit? In the middle our wedding reception? Yeah, uh, that’d be a ‘no’.

He: Just think of the memory we’d create.

She:*laughs* I love you, but we’re just going to have to wait until later. We can advantage of the suite and try out the whirlpool.

He: I love the way you think, my oh-so-voluptuous wife.

She: I think I like buxom better. What?!?