Wednesday Words: Winter Weather

I  love winter weather. Ice storms turning trees and bushes into magical crystal sculptures, snow flakes and drifts and men, the incredible blue shade the sky has only when the air is beyond frigid.

I love anticipating winter storms. Watching the forecasts, learning the paths, the potential. Being amazed by the transformation they bring.

But I hate the deadliness winter weather brings, to plants, to animals, to men.

This past week the storm which swept through the south and then up the east coast brought with it havoc. My joy was tempered by vivid reminders to not underestimate the hazards winter weather brings. Even more to not overestimate our ability to overcome them.

With a winter season expected to be the worst for snow in a century there will be more glorious storms and harrowing tales.

I am bracing myself with eagerness and dread for both.