Wednesday Words – Bad Luck Cadet (via Badluckdetective’s Blog)

I enjoy reading this blog so much. Very interesting and informative. If you are curious about police academy this blog is really good, particularly since this told from a mature outlook which helps put some of the psychological stuff they go through into perspective.

I’ve linked to the very first post because these really should be read in order.

My midlife crisis started with a broken hip that started with a smart horse and a dumb rider. I was forty years old and forty pounds over weight. My horse was in great shape and enjoyed my pain tremendously. He laughed all the way to his new owners. I cried all the way to the hospital. I convalesced for two months. During that time I watched television, read books, surfed the web and ate lots of junk food. My forty pounds soon became fifty and I … Read More

via Badluckdetective's Blog


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