Wednesday Words – Deborah Gaines

Deborah is another of my internet pals. Actually ‘pal’ isn’t quite right, as we’re not in close communication and on any given day if you mentioned our names to each other it’d take a minute to place the other. Even more so for her as she knows me more for my weather blog and as USMNTFan. However, we do ‘know’ each other having met on Maplewood Online and both discovering we love to write.

Deb, however, veers more into corporate and non-fiction writing. Her blog The Corporate Writer, is a fun, helpful and interesting read, not the least of which is due to her lively interaction in the comments section.

While her blog is something you should check out, her first published article in Salon are my ‘Wednesday Words’ for today. A wonderful and touching piece on blended families, After the divorce, can my stepson still be my friend? is heartfelt and heart wrenching to read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.