Wednesday Words: Boomie’s Spa Experience

This is one of the *funniest* bits of writing I’ve read in quite a bit. And it actually happened!

Boomie, who has (had?) a dating blog on Maplewood Online, wrote about an experience having a massage with a friend.

I’ll post the start, but you *have* to go read the rest (scroll down the page until you come across the ‘start’ I’ve posted)!

My special friend and I who shall remain nameless (double tee) decided to have a nice spa experience in Koreatown on the advice of another friend who shall remain nameless (lars)…

We had been in the city earlier so we took a cab to the spa, Juvenex. Its on the fifth floor of some greasy looking building so we get a little nervous but upon exiting the elavator we were pleased to see it was indeed “rainforest” like it in it’s prettiness inside, with tubs everywhere, steam rooms, showers etc.

After we picked our treatments we were quickly escorted to a room to change and given our locker keys. We were told to “put on these bathing suits”… what? I tell her, “we brought our bathing suits” and she replies “no no you use this one…” and she hands each of us what looked like a fortune cookie. These were our “bathing suits”…you unwrap them to find a paper piece of a napkin or some **** with velcro for a “top” and paper panties for the bottom….oh my GOD. A black paper bikini!!!!! A bikini made of a wet wipe! AND it was tiny! We got some ass and boobage goin on my girl and I… Did she REALLY think I was going to slap these DD’s into that? Double Tee and I were horrified but cracking up as we can’t seem to help doing….the vision of us walking around the spa in those paper bikinis with our t&a dangling and jangling in those handwipes… ok so we did it….hey at least it was black- that would have a slimming effect….so with the panties and top on….we are told to take a shower. Did I mention these Korean chicks at this spa are BOSSY?!!! They practically pushed us into the shower and told us to rinse ONLY.