NaNoWriMo is shot.

Well, I wanted to. But it didn’t happen. NaNoWriMo turned out to be a pipedream for me this year.

However, the good news is… I think (hope!!) I am *very* close to having my first piece accepted for publication. Fingers crossed.

So, what happened? I’ll tell you in one word:


Yep. The story line, the character arc, etc, all great. My prose, not so much, comma splices are the bane of my existence. (:grin: yeah, I did that one intentionally).

Have I said this enough? I LOVE MY CRIT GROUP! ERA you rock.

Thanks for pushing and shoving me to finally get to this point (and not smacking me upside the head for repeating silly mistakes). Even if it doesn’t work out, I’ve learned a ton this last month.

So, farewell NaNoWriMo, it was a brief but intense affair. But I’ve been too busy with my other friend, editing. I can no longer be torn between the two of you, and it’s clear to me which I should choose.

Maybe another time.

(Oh, and, um, for those wondering I pushed my boundaries with this one. Lesbians Vs Zombies? Not my typical story line. But it was a ton of fun to write. And still ended up being paranormal. Can’t seem to duck that habit. So something old, something new… nothing borrowed or blue. 🙂 )


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