…still waiting…

Ah, a little birdie told me the publisher likes to batch approve (or not) stories for theme lines. So, I’m guessing the wait is due, in part, because more subs need to come in before she’ll go over what is already there, including mine. As the birdie put it, could be hours, could be a month.

I guess the good news is at least that is *still* faster than traditional paper publication venues. Seriously shorter time. Going ‘glass half full’ here. 🙂

So, more realistically, it’ll be a good week or more before I hear one way or the other. Good thing I have other irons in the fire.


2 thoughts on “…still waiting…

  1. Good luck – I guess I can understand batch approve/dissapprove like that, it allows them to pick which stories most match the theme against each other. Good luck!

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