Reading about self e-publishing while waiting for edits

Still plugging away at my paranormal / urban fantasy novel while waiting for my edits.

Frequently getting side tracked by articles and blog posts about writers who have self published and their stories of how well they’ve done. Or not.

A year ago I would have said (and did say) self e-publishing, are you freaking kidding me? And, being an avid kindle user I can tell you, I’ve read a lot of stuff which should never have crossed over to publication, poor editing aside.

However, in the past year, self e-publishing has turned a corner. Yes, there are still plenty of vanity pieces – by that I mean ones which the author is publishing with little or no critiquing and/or editing, simply putting it out there in what might be considered a ‘rough’ or unpolished form. But there are more and more people who are putting out ‘professional’ grade stories. Ones which they’ve had an editor help them revise, a ebook formatter help them correctly set up their book for each reader, and a cover artist create a unique and high quality cover for. I’ve even seen writers who hire PR personnel to help with promotion.

In other words, they are hiring independently many of the ‘tools’ traditional publishers have in their stable for their signed authors to polish and present their writing(s).

And it seems to have paid off. From this group of independent professional authors have arisen some of the larger earners and ‘breakouts’ in the self e-published world.

This new business model has a draw back, there is definitely an up front cost to the author. Along the lines of an advance which a traditional published might pay, the author is in the red to start out and will can only recoup their money through sales. And while there are verbose authors who have followed this path and done well, I’m sure there are less verbose authors who have followed his path and are still waiting to break even. (which basically means I’ve seen/read more from the authors who have been successful than those who have not)

And, did I mention?, one side effect of the touting and success of the independent professional author route is a cottage industry of editors, formatters and cover artists has arisen. Hmm, wonder if absolute write will have a new category just for editors.

Interesting times, that’s for sure!



3 thoughts on “Reading about self e-publishing while waiting for edits

  1. You make excellent points, Ellie. There are so many resources available for us to put out professional quality work, just a mouse-click away. Sure there is a little up front cost, but the freedom and control over our own work may make it worth it to some. It will take a lot more work on our part, though, and take longer to build a following, but it’s worth considering.

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