Wow, I have a 7+ book series in the works

Just sat down looked at the stories I have written in the paranormal world I created. As of now only one is complete, a couple close but not there, lots of starts/outlines, one which the only thing I can find is the synopsis.

Anyway, looked at these and thought about my timeline and my story arc. The big overall story arc which binds all the stories together. And realized I have a chunk of the first half of that story arc done.

VERY tentative titles (mostly main characters names which are subject to change) and word count/status:

Prequel Maven – 68.5K complete. Also known as the second novel I ever completed and may never see the light of day. In the first person.

Main story line:

Warder aka Mona/Monroe – 68K about 3/4 done. Concurrent with story in Maven from different POV.

Elodie – 11.5K – still at the start of this story. This was going to be a side story but looking at big plot, etc, it will morph excellently into the I-wasn’t-originally -planning-on-it step between Warder and Averill.

Averill (Current WIP) – 55K – about 2/3 done

Pearl – this is the one I only have a synopsis for, but I know there’s more somewhere.

Emily – outline only

Abilah – outline only

Maya – outline only


Not that there can’t be more, and I definitely have side/short stories in the setting/world, but those are the main ones for the big story line I outlined today.

With that in mind, goals for the year:

1) Finish Averill. Even though, looking at the story arc, I’ll need to do plot line revisions

2) Go back, edit then finish Mona/Monroe. Big job as it is now in the first person and I want to switch it to third. Then..gulp…start subbing it. Or… maybe send it to a professional editor (see yesterday’s post), depending on a number of variables.

3) Outline then write Markie.

If I get all that done, go back and edit Averill. Looking for each piece to be about 80-95K complete.

Very excited!

To celebrate, here is a snippet/excerpt from Warder. Again rough, in the first person,which will be changed to third:

I stood and stacked our trash on the tray. “Not bad timing, on your part though, to wait. Most of the good winter things, you know the down coats and wool jackets – not that cheap stuff they sell at the beginning of the season as ‘back-to-school’ – will be on sale. That’s because stores are already stocking spring clothes. Can you believe that? It’s twenty degrees outside, a heck of a lot lower than that with the wind chill, and they have capris and sandals on display.”

I kept up my babble as I finished the cleaning and then as we headed on down the hall. I’m not sure Raine knew what hit her, since I didn’t let her get a word in edgewise until we where standing in front of a rack of clearance coats.

“Hmm, I think a little large would be smart, huh? Nothing like putting on layers and finding your coat won’t fit over them to make your day lousy.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw a faint sparkle as a coat I’d somehow overlooked moved slightly on the hanger. I took from the rack and held it up to Raine.

“What do you think about this? Nice color, kinda of classic style swing look to it.” I read the label. “It’s wool and alpaca; that’ll will keep you warm and dry.”

She had a dazed look and hesitated a moment before answering. Ah, yes, the power of inane babble on top of a full stomach strikes again. I had learned well at my mother’s knee.