Converting from first person to third

After outlining the rest of Averill, I’m starting to make a stab at editing Mona’s story from first person to third person.

I am going through line by line, but for expediency, I did a blanket change making all “I”s into “she” and all “me” into “her” – helps me make sure I don’t miss any.

The change lead to some interesting findings. Some inner thoughts, well, they don’t convert well. Not unexpected. What was unexpected was the number of omniscient third sentences. I had thought changing it over would put me in tight third person. Not the case at all.

Looks like I’ll be girding my lions and doing a major rewrite, not just an ‘edit’. We’ll see how things go!

Oh, and now have two agents in mind to submit to. Having that goal should help me stay focused.



3 thoughts on “Converting from first person to third

  1. I’m really struggling with this also. I started a novel for NaNoWriMo, and it’s in first person. I wrote a short prologue in 3rd person, and for the overall storyline thought I’d switch from first person to third, but that’s not going to happen. I like the tone of my YA in sassy fifteen-year-old girl voice, and might have to change my outlined overview to accommodate it. Doing that will actually tighten up the focus. Hmmm. Gotta go. 🙂


  2. There are a couple of reasons. First, I wrote this in first because I needed practice on keeping my point-of-view (POV) tight. First person forces you do that. However, I no longer typically write in the first person.

    Plus, with this series having a set of books all with different protagonists, it’d be very difficult to write each in first given the different personalities. And perhaps confusing for both me and the reader.

    So, given going forward the stories are/will be in third person, it seems to make sense to convert this first one into third as well.

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