Favorite Books, #3 – A Summer to Remember

A titled rogue courts a prim and proper lady in this spirited Regency romance by the deservedly popular Balogh.

One of my all time favorite Regency Romances, A Summer to Remember by Mary Balogh, is atypical of the genre at this time in that the heroine, for the most part, lives within the conventions and constrictions of the times. She’s also atypical of most current Regency heroines in that she is a gentle soul, and not a forthright, sassy woman, one chaffing and determined to break the constrictions of convention. Balogh does an amazing job not only making her likeable, but showing her growth as well as her growing determination to make her own happiness and not depend on others for it.  A lovely, lovely book.

If you like this, you might also like The Secret Diaries of Miss Amanda Cheever by Julia Quinn.


2 thoughts on “Favorite Books, #3 – A Summer to Remember

  1. So you don’t like forthright and sassy? 😉 I love her ‘Slightly’ series, about the five siblings. I rushed out and bought the last three when I read the first two! She’s a fantastic author, much deserving of a favorite book!

    • I do like forthright and sassy! Just think it’s overdone and not necessarily ‘accurate’ for Regencies. :-). Oh, and if you like the Slightly Series, you should read this, it’s the book which introduces them. The hero in this is the one Freda had thought she’d marry.

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