Release day for the First LvsZ Book!

From KevaD:

The Zombie with Flowers in Her Hair isn’t what the casual reader expects. Yes, there are lesbians and zombies, but the heart of the story is a purpose lost, and the young dead woman who will be called upon to make a difference in a world she never knew existed. That said, there’s some really funny stuff in this book, if I do say so myself.

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The hardest part of being alone is realizing you are.

1969 was a busy year for the young woman nicknamed Isis. She graduated high school, engaged in a lesbian relationship, died, and rose from the dead as a pot-smoking, flesh-eating zombie in need of a good orgasm. Yet, in death she ended up as alone as she had in life. But when a beautiful zombie with flowers in her hair forgets her sweet butt on a toilet seat, Isis’s undead life will never be the same. Nor will it be one she could ever have envisioned, even on the wildest acid trip. Because for Isis, her true reason for life lies in her death.

David Kentner

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