Yay! Got my first ‘yes’ to a review request.

I got my first yes to a review request.

Babbling About Books and More sent me this very nice note:

Hi Ellie,

Ginny’s Capture sounds fascinating. I’d love to read and review, but I must warn you I have a big backup of other books to review and won’t be able to review right away. Also, I’m a very honest reviewer and I don’t sugar coat my reviews, so if you’re okay with that, please send your book.

Also, if you have your cover and links, etc… I can highlight it in a post on my blog.

With Noble’s tight schedule I don’t have links or cover yet (or a preview PDF) but they were also very sweet about that as well.

But one day in what, from here, looks like the distant future, I’ll have a review of my book up at Babbling About Books and More .

Happy Dance!


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