My Favorite Books #6 – Summers at Castle Auburn

Funny how that worked out. Reblogging #6 on the 6th! 😉
Summers at Castle Auburn Cover

While I love many Sharon Shin books – her Twelve Houses series floats frequently to the top of my re-read pile, I think in terms of craft and world building as well as character development this is my favorite book of hers.  The heroine’s journey from a naive, accepting youth to a thoughtful, discerning woman is wonderful. And the subtle build up of the romance is great.

Part of the blurb from Amazon:

As the illegitimate daughter of a royal lord, young Corie has the best of two worlds. She spends idyllic summers at Castle Auburn, home of her father’s family, and the rest of the year with her maternal grandmother, learning the healer’s craft. At the castle, Corie is groomed by her uncle for an eventual political alliance through marriage, though she is too dazzled by her handsome cousin Bryan, heir to the throne, to notice. As the summers pass, however, Bryan shows his true colors. The brash, arrogant youth matures into a cruel and self-centered man; a man unfit to be king, some say. At the same time, Corie’s eyes open to the misery of the magical aliora, whom she loves, but who are hunted for sport and enslaved by the nobility.

Yep, this one is a keeper!