9 days until release day

Nine days until publication and I’m working to keep myself busy.

Spent some time learning HTML code and, at Jadette Paige’s suggestion, revised the ‘about’ page on the LvZ blog. Still don’t know why the spacing is different for aligning left vs right, but I’m leaving it for now.

I’ve also been catching up on reading blogs. One of the fun outcomes of writing a lesbian story was finding some great blogs to follow.

I’ve found to my disappointment many book review sites will not review my story due to its f/f content. Now some one who is not going to read a story with a sex scene, they are not going to read a story with a sex scene, that I don’t have a problem with. And I get that there are review sites who are most comfortable reviewing only m/f stories, no matter the heat level. There’s a line there they’ve decided not to cross, I respect they have the option to make that choice.

But what I don’t get is the review sites which do m/f, m/m. m/f/m, m/m/f/m, on down the line, don’t review f/f. Clearly the readers on these sites have a certain level of acceptance of ‘alternate’ life styles. However I cannot tell you the number of sites where there had to be an ‘m’ in the equation or no dice on a review. I will say Gravetells, whose parameters I found bit unclear was very upfront that they’d simply never had a request. They said, give us the information, we’ll put it out as an possible option for our reviews and get back to you if one is interested. That, I thought, was an excellent way of handling the situation.

However, that was the exception to the rule. As a straight woman who happened to write a lesbian romance, I was baffled by the incongruity of the standard. After hitting brick wall after brick wall of review sites where there had to be an ‘m’ in the equation I started surfing for sites which reviewed lesbian genre fiction. Because, let’s face it, while my story is a fun, escapist bit of urban fantasy with a lesbian romance, it’s not literary fiction. The good news is I did find several places and I have three (four?) sites who said I should send along the PDF when it becomes available. (of course I’ll be writing more on those if they do work out!)

While I am thrilled with my success in finding sites which review ‘lesfic’ I’m even happier that as a result I found one of new favorite blogs, Dorothy Surrenders. Her tag line: A GAY GAL’S GUIDE TO POP CULTURE. WHY LET THE BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN?

I enjoy this blog so much. I keep writing, then erasing, pithy things to say about this blog: ‘witty commentary’, ‘insightful pop culture pieces’, etc. They just don’t capture the sparkling personality Dorothy shows in everything she writes. Even when she is writing a scathing commentary, like the one on the Glee episode after Santana was forced out of the closet, she’s never mean or ugly.

Sarcastic, hell yeah.

Mostly, though, her commentary makes you think.

Okay not always, Tank Top Tuesdays has very little cerebral about it. But that’s part of the greatness of this blog, it’s fun, it’s thoughtful and it’s occasionally laced with scathing sarcasm.

I’m utterly addicted.


One thought on “9 days until release day

  1. Can’t wait for the book! I can understand why some “straight” romance reviewers would shy away (I didn’t see any movie reviewers staying away from Brokeback Mountain) but can’t believe the mixed review sites are not comfortable with f/f. I would think there would be a huge audience if you are attracting a multi-sexual readership. Just never thought there was bigotry within the ranks but shows how naive I can be. Very interesting. Loved the Dorothy Surrenders blog and Tank Top Tuesday is a riot.

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