8 days and counting

Ginny’s Capture is scheduled for release in EIGHT days.

One of the things I’ve been doing, in addition to asking for reviews is also asking if I can guest on blogs. In the process, I’ve learned a bit about the variety of ways blog sites, both those integral to a review site and those of writers, ‘host’ guests.

Of the few I got a ‘yes’ response from, a couple simply asked a blog piece about writing or something unique about my story. Those were fun, and not usually too difficult, to write as I can be chatty.

Some blogs, specifically ones attached to review sites, I asked about interviews but most said they only did interviews if they reviewed my story. And since that’s not a guarantee, I should write up a blog post and send it in. Okay, I can do that.

And there were one or two which sent a list of helpful yet varied questions for interviews which I then took my time responding to.

But my favorite so far, (okay it is also one of my first!) is my current ‘interview’ up at HC Brown’s blog. I’m there with three fellow LvZ authors, D.Dye, J.S. Wayne and Jadette Paige. One of the reason this was so fun was we used Google Docs to conduct the interview.

It was a perfect venue to both answer the questions and then interact in writing about each other’s commentary because, instead of sending out the questions to each of us and compiling then them into one whole, when they came back,  we had the whole visible to everyone at all times.

This made our ‘chatty’ interactions easier to to both write and work out. And I have to say we had a blast with it!

It would be great if I could do more this way!