One Week!

7 days

168 hours

10, 080 minutes.

Okay, clearly not close enough to be doing minutes yet. 🙂

And if it’s a week, it means it’s Monday which means (at least this week!) another LvZ story is due out today.

I’ve known Jadette Paige  for almost a decade and, honestly, I didn’t know she was so much of a history buff until she wrote Nether Regions. Amazons and Spartans and gods issuing challenges, great stuff! But I have to say, her incorporation of the music element is one of my favorite parts.

You knew that, right?  Music was listed in the call as a necessary element to the story, which is why the official title of the series is Lesbians vs Zombies, the Musical Review.

Here, all the parameter which were listed in the call:




Strong sense of place (even if the place is made up)

Some connection to a college.

While Lesbians and Zombies are clearly the most talked about elements, music is a key part of every story as well. (Which is why, on the LvZ blog, I’ve been posting author ‘sound tracks’).

And, I have to say, I really like how Jadette handled the music ‘requirement’. Of course I like how I handled it too, but my characters live in a world with electronics and access to almost instant music. She didn’t have the luxury of using juke boxes, I-pods or stereos to weave her musical element into her story given the time period the piece is set in.

She more than rose to the challenge.

After you read Nether Regions, let me know what you think.


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