Six Symmetry

Very odd symmetry today.

Six days until my first novella is published.

Six years since my husband passed away.

On the one hand, I try to keep my ‘public’ life separate from my ‘private’ life. On the other, my private life, from colds to moving to being a single parent after my husband’s death clearly impacts my public life.

When there is an odd symmetry, like today, the lines clearly blur.

I never showed my writing to my husband. None of the romance, none of the urban fantasy. I wanted to wait until I’d learned the craft, had something ‘better’ to show him. So here I am with something better and no spouse to share it with.

Pretty much sucks any way you look at it.

My thill of being published is always tempered by the fact that he’s not around to share it with. I have no doubt he would have been supportive, he certainly was back when I started out, even though I wasn’t ready to share yet.

So, Steve, this one’s for you, an *unedited* mini-excerpt, just a line, from Ginny’s Capture:

You were, you are, the half that makes me more than whole.


4 thoughts on “Six Symmetry

    • You know, this posted on the wrong day. I tried to respond to Ernie, because this had me all choked up. Either way, you are amazing.

  1. I think you should have a character who says “Mustard is Evil” (with the capital E …), as a very fitting way to honor and remember him. I mean, we all know it is …..and we all miss him!

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