THREE DAYS and …it’s Cover Reveal time!

Got a lovely, lovely cover from the very talented Fiona Jayde!

And lookey, down there at the bottom. MY NAME. In BLUE. 🙂

Have this up in one window while I work on edits in the other. Can’t seem to stop checking to make sure it’s really there. Hmm, edits might go faster if I closed that window… so not going to happen.

Enjoy. In three days you’ll be able to buy it directly from Noble Romance. (If you’d prefer to buy it on Amazon, there’s a wait  of at least a week for it be formatted and show up).


4 thoughts on “THREE DAYS and …it’s Cover Reveal time!

  1. Great cover and I love the blue. So very excited and went to Amazon, a few days ago, to order early. Now it makes sense that I couldn’t find it. Sigh, I’ll check out Noble, it’s hard to wait.

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