The great disappearing act, part 1

Well, if you haven’t heard my computer died yesterday. Well, not truly ‘died’ but gave a resounding wobbling-on-its-last-legs-needs-to-be-fixed (and even then it might die) demise-is-imminent alert.

The repair place wanted me to leave the computer there for a week so they could fix it. And, given it’s a five year old laptop, they were less than reassuring that this would be the last of the problems. Actually they were more like, it’s five years old, once one thing goes it’s likely others will.

But, Hello? Can we go back to that first part? About the repair? Right now, first/new release, etc, — I can’t be without a computer for a week.

So, although I had planned to get one much later in the year, because, yes, the one I’d been using was five years old, I ended up getting a new computer yesterday. Savings took a hit, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

And there went the day. Before I took the old laptop in for repair, I spent some time making sure I backed everything up. Late morning I headed to the repair shop, where the repair portion was efficient, waiting for someone to help me with a laptop and then finding them again so I could check out took over an hour. Seriously, closer to an hour and a half. It was FREAKING long time from when I told the repair counter I wanted to buy a new one to when I actually walked out of the door. If I didn’t know they had the exact model I wanted in stock and at a decent price I would have walked out.

Then I came home, had to transfer data over and pick up kids, and run kids about and… well let’s just say I got very little done in terms of stopping by blogs of friends who were nice enough to promote my new release. Not to mention checking email or catching up on twitter. Forget about writing, so far off the radar yesterday, it might well have been a black hole.

So today has been a lot of catch up, a lot of responding to emails (I think KBGBabbles thinks I babble since I’ve been frantic and less then coherent the last two times I wrote to her) and a LOT of prepping blog pieces I have due to got out.

Hopefully this will be the end of computer issues for a while and my shiny new toy will help me get back on track quickly.

However, being *sightly* pessimistic at times, I have titled this part 1. 🙂