Entered a query / 250 word contest.

Cupid’s Literary Connection is holding a Surprise Agent Invasion, where they ask for your query and first 250 words.

I sent something in. GULP.

The contest goes live from the end of March to Mid-April, after the initial round of in house judging:

If you make it into one of the windows your entry enters AREA 51 and goes before the CIA. The CIA consists of myself and four of the YA Confidential operatives: Copil, Cambria, Cristin, and Karen. The 200 entries will be split up between the five of us randomly and we will each choose our strongest 10 entries to go up on the blog as “victims” of our “Surprise Agent Invasion” event. Of course, the CIA and AREA 51 are very secretive and confidential so this will all take place behind closed doors and you will NOT know which CIA judge received your entry. And as you’ll notice, that is only 50 entries from the 200, so make sure your work is at it’s best!!

Those who make it past the CIA and become “victims” will be notified by Cupid via email. The dates of these emails and when the entries will be posted on the blog for the agent invasion will be disclosed at a later date.

Which means I need to be working on these final edits double time in the *off chance* I get past the first round. Nothing like a deadline to help focus your work!