Zach Sweets over at Hearts on Fire Reviews give Ginny’s Capture 4 stars!

Here’s the start (not sure of the right way to do this so just showing the first couple of lines and linking to the review)

Another Lesbian vs. Zombie short story I’ve enjoyed. Dee found out Ginny is in trouble and she wants to save her from the zombies. She has to go back to the University she once swears she wouldn’t ever go back two years ago.

And here’s the link.

Yes, I can’t stop smiling. 🙂


5 thoughts on “FIRST REVIEW IS 4 HEARTS!

  1. I’m so happy my review made your day ;D 😀 It’s really good and I sure hope you are busy writing more! 😀

  2. What a fantastic review! I just looked at Amazon and it isn’t there yet. Is it getting caught up in the whole Paypal thing? If so I will buy direct from the site. I’m dying to read!!!

    • Hey, are you on Goodreads? I have a couple of *free if you promise to review it* copies up in the Making Connections group. Or you could send me your email and I can send you a review copy. 🙂 I have NO idea how long it’ll be before it’s up on Amazon, publishing house owner/director is having some personal issues which have put the schedule off.

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