Exciting times!

Saturday 3/17, KevaD was kind enough to feature Ginny’s Capture on his blog.

I was bouncing off the walls just a little. I idolize KevaD. He wrote one of my favorite blog posts EVER on writing the story the characters demand and not trying to force them into absurd pigeon holes.  Here it is:

KevaD on Its Raining Men

Seriously, go read it now and come back, I’ll wait.

Wasn’t that great?!  So many good points. This post came out when I was thinking about characters and stories for my Lesbians vs Zombies submission. You can see why I was so giddy about KevaD’s promoing my book on his blog. He is a believer in, and a writer of, character driven stories, something I totally agree with. And the complexity of his characters…so well written. Sigh, maybe one day I’ll be close.

But this week’s excitement doesn’t end there.

Deep breath.

Tomorrow, 3/20, KatieBabs is letting me come visit her blog, Babbling About Books! She asked me to talk about why I chose to write a lesbian love story and, I had to admit it was mostly due to a submissions call.  It’s a bit more to it than that, but you’ll have to go take a look and see. Oh, and there’s a contest there!

What I love about KatieBabs is, as KT Grant, she writes both f/f and m/f stories, definitely  someone I can see emulating.

What I love even more is that she organized and hosted a Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event. You’ve heard me comment on here on how hard it is to get reviews on lesbian romance, particularly genre fiction. KatieBab’s event celebrated all types of Lesbian fiction and gave many authors a supportive platform and exposure they might not otherwise have had. So, yeah, I think she rocks too!

And, oh, did I mention DaVinci Kitty over at Gravetells said: We have Readers Choice voting coming up and you’ll be up for Favorite Author ?

Woo Hoo!!

Happy Dance!!

Yep, exciting times indeed!

(and, yes, I’m still working on getting my story on Kindle Platform, more on that later!)