Snow White Rewritten & Toilet Bowl Handles by Ellie Heller

I’m sure I’m NOT the only person who’s noticed there are two major motion pictures this spring about Snow White.

The first, Mirror, Mirror is a comedic lark suitable for younger viewers (“Hilarious fun for the whole family“). In this version,there is puffery and pagentry and light and fun. Even though the evil queen is still trying to ‘get rid’ of Snow White, it’s a done with, to use a very old school phrase, women’s weapons, i.e. poison. (A very interesting and informative article on poison use and the development of modern forensics here which references the trope of poison being a ‘woman’s weapon’.) This story line is clearly no blood, no guts, no gory (yes, I know I mangled the phrase).

The second, Snow White and the Huntsman is a far darker version, clearly aimed at the teen & older category. There’s no tag line on their site, merely music and an endless loop of scenes. Here the evil queen is evil to everyone and her quest to ‘get rid’ of Snow White is not couched in euphemisms, she wants to murder the girl for her heart.

Each of these stories is still Snow White; couched in Romantic Comedy, or Dystopian Fantasy, the basic elements are there. A summary of both movie’s plot: An evil Queen attempts to eliminate a princess so she can continue her rule, only have the princess survive and come back to destroy her.

So, why am I also mentioning toilet bowl handles? For those of you who don’t know I recently inherited a house and ended up gutting the three bathrooms and replacing almost everything. One thing, which I didn’t realize I’d done until after they were complete, was to choose commodes with three *different* flush mechanisms. (I’d hazard a guess the mechanisms are pretty similar, it’s how you use the handle which is different on each). One is set on the front, a very modern looking handle, and the lever points to the middle and you push it down. One is one the side, I’m told this one has a ‘transitional style’ look, it sits parallel to the top and that one, too, you push down to get activate flushing mechanism. The last is also on the side, and like the ‘old fashion’ style it is based one, it points down and you pull the handle up to flush.

Where am I going with this? Well, they all work. However, one may be more pleasing to your particular tastes. It’s the same with these two Snow Whites. Neither is a ‘wrong’ retelling, both work, one, however, may be more pleasing to your particular tastes.

And that’s one of the fun things about rewriting classic story tales, the ability to take the basic plot line and transform it into your very own story, make it appeal to your particular tastes and style.

Hmm, maybe when I’m done editing Warder I’ll take a break and work on my Snow White story.

Or go take pictures of my toilet handles, not sure which. 😉