I just bought 600 plates… plus other, writerly, things.

Busy week, but that’s usual. Getting things for my son’s bar mitzvah (hence the 600 paper plates), editing/revising my WIP, writing blog posts (did I mention I’ll be on Literary Escapism next week as a guest author on 4/17? – BIG GRIN on that one).

Plus, in the process of getting my name out there I’m been sending in everything I can to Cupid’s Literary Connection. I love this site and how the moderator is being SO helpful to those of us seeking representation.

The other day on twitter she had a ‘follower only’ contest asking people to submit a request to be spotlighted as a new/aspiring author. You had to send in your request by midnight. Here’s what I wrote:

Subject: Pick me! Me, me, me, me!
Hello Cupid,
Nice to meetcha. I’m Ellie Heller, aka EllieWrites2 on the web and I’ve been writing for ten years. Well, not ten years really, I ate and slept, and gave birth to at least one of my kids. And grocery shopped, ’cause you know I need food, and the kids do too. And there were the four moves and my husband’s terminal illness. But in between all the *other* stuff of my crazy everyday life I’ve been writing. During this time I’ve been active in some really good critique groups (the now defunct RWU – Romance Writers Unlimited which had about 30% published authors, and my current group, ERA – Erotic Authors which has about 70% published authors). In both of these groups I’ve been encouraged to write and, as importantly, submit.

Well, I’ve done the first. Have three complete novels, a whole seven book paranormal series outlined and significantly written (two of those three books along with halves of two more). Lots of other bits and pieces, definitely a too many ideas, too little time kind of person.

The second, submitting, I’ve done not so well at. I’ve entered a couple of pitch contests and placed well, one agent asked for a partial but that went no where. I’ve submitted to one small e-press call and was accepted (currently my novella, Ginny’s Capture is out with Noble Romance). But the big guns, I’ve stayed away from submitting to. The idea of rejection, wow, was not in a good place to handle that for a long time.

But now, now I think I can handle it. I want to *try*. I’ve given myself a year to really clean up one of my novels and start submitting, and I’m halfway through that year. The cleaning up of the novel is on the verge of being complete and I’m ready to face the possibility of rejection.

Or, even better yet, embrace the possibility of success.

I didn’t get picked for the next author spot light, but I did get a nice note back asking if I’d be interested in sending in my query for critique on the blog. Going to go ahead and give it a shot. We’ll see how it works out.
Oh, and I’ve been hanging out a bit on Facebook after a long hiatus. They really *have* changed things around!
Sales continue on a slow pace. Fingers crossed more reviews are coming down the pipe. 🙂

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