Six Sexy Sentences from Warder by Ellie Heller

I’m still figuring out if the six sentence thing is on Saturday or Sunday. I did Saturday last time, I’ll do Sunday this time. Hey, I’m flexible.

Here is a sneak peak of the ‘pre-sex’ scene from Warder which I referenced yesterday. Right now I have the story written as ‘sweet’ (sex is behind closed doors). But that may change. We’ll see. 🙂

“You don’t have to crash on the couch.”

The bottles in the fridge rattled as Cart slammed the door shut. Before she could turn around he scooped her up in his arms, causing her to shriek and the envelopes she still had in her hands to scatter across the floor as she grabbed his shoulders for balance.

Oh my, his eyes were shifting again and he’d become so hot his body practically scorched her where she touched him. Mona flushed and desire for him left her tingling in all the right places.

“Good, because I really, really didn’t want to.”

Off to revise more. Hopefully one day you’ll see the whole story!


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