Romance sub-genres, blogging and a huge thanks!

Well, I’m still vastly confused about sub-genres (pt 1, pt 2), at least in regards to publishers and submission calls. I blogged a bit about it over at Some Write it Hot.  It’s been really interesting to see the responses here and I want to thank *everyone* who commented, particularly Romanceaholic and Tmycann (who I mention in the SWIH blog post) as well as Barb Mazzuca for helping me out and engaging in the discussion. You all really helped me see that a) there’s no clear cut answer and b) readers are not nearly as caught up in these definitions as publishers are.

In the end here’s what I decided:

For most readers these days, drawing on my experience, that’s [how they set their expectations for a book] going to be the blurb on the back. Unfortunately, that’s something which I may or may not have any control over depending on the publisher. So I’m going to stop worrying so much about sub-genres, and get  back to writing the best story I can,  sending it along where it seems to fit best and hoping whoever accepts it (thinking positively here!) creates a ‘pitch’ / blurb which will let readers know what I wrote and hope my darnedest it meets their expectations.

Oh, I’m sure I’ll be wrestling with this again, but for now it’s time to buckle down and finish the conversion from first to third in Warder.