SSS – Start of Bett’s Story, erotic short

There are a couple of calls out right now I’m working on. One is for my critique group, ERA. I’m also thinking of sending in a submission to a Seaside Smut anthology Lucy Felthouse is editing, to see if I might get in that one.

Info on the Seaside Call:

Smut by the Sea: The Anthology will be a collection of Stories, Pictures and Poetry with a Saucy Seaside feel edited by The Northern Birds Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse.

The Smut By The Sea Anthology will feature stories from a variety of genres, but they must have that overall “Seaside” feel, either in location or style. If you’d like some clarification before submitting your story then please Contact Us.

Length: 4,000 to 6,000 words
Genres: Any
Heat Levels: Any
Ending: Any
Orientation: Any
Submissions Due: June 1st, 2012


So, to get in the mood, six sentences from my first draft. Very safe for work. 🙂

The sounds were soft here at the top edge of the barrier island. After the trains and traffic at home even the occasional seagull’s cries seemed quiet amidst the shushing of the waves against the shore. The weekend was to be a getaway from their usual haunts, a change of pace for both of them.

As Monroe explained, with the beach house his buddies owned free for the weekend, and unseasonably warm weather, they’d be foolish not to take the opportunity. Monroe seduced her with promises to disconnect from his office, to work on connecting intimately with each other. So Betts, hoping the weekend would provide the pivot their relationship desperately needed, agreed.


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