On Blog Tours, by Romance on a Budget

Okay, I was going to write an article on blog tours and was looking for some background information and ran across this post over at Romance on a Budget which pretty much covers a lot of what I wanted to say. So, thank you, Suzanne, I’m going to link over and recommend people go take a look.

One thing I will add, is if you are thinking of going with a blog tour company go to sites which review the type of book you wrote and see if one of their side widgets showed they are members of a book tour group. Usually if they are there’s an icon which says something like ‘bewitching book tour host’. If you’re seeing one company repeat on a bunch of sites you think are a good match, that might be a good company to talk to.


ETA: adding a note to point out Sizzling PR which has VERY reasonable prices for a blog tour.


One thought on “On Blog Tours, by Romance on a Budget

  1. Great advice! I love doing blog tours, and I’ve found that I can get a lot of great reviews out of each tour. I use Bewitching Book tours all the time and they are fantastic. I’ve also used Enchanted Book Tours, CBLS Book Tours, and Kismet.

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