The {Booker} Award – My Five Favorite (Audio)Books

Last week, before I left on vacation, the fabulous Sabrina Garie tagged me in a meme called The {Booker} Award. Nice graphic and all!:

Here’s the best part, I have to post my top five books of all time.

Or maybe that’s the worst part.


Thing is, I *already* have a bunch of posts on my favorite books. I could rehash those, but I’d rather come up with something new.

I could do favorite authors. But they’re already pretty much covered in my posts on favorite books. I could do the next five since I only have ten books so far and there are a lot more out there.

Hmm… I could do five favorite books so far this year, but I haven’t read a ton because I’ve be trying to be diligent and use my free time to write. I have, however, been listening to more audible books. Long drives to and from sleep away camp plus visits to family mean lots of time across corn fields with little radio reception. The kids get very tired of my limited playlists and, thank-you-very-much-no I don’t want to listen to theirs.

Now, I can’t say I’ve listened to a lot of audiobooks, and the ones I remember strongly are not all available now, but here are my top five books/stories to listen to ‘on tape’ in the car. The only order these are in is how they popped in my head. 🙂

1. Three Musketeers / Robin Hood narrated by Jim Weiss

I admit I haven’t listened to this in a while, but for a couple of years this was an absolute staple in our house, I mean car. Yes, it is a clean ‘kids’ version of the tales, but Mr. Weiss has a good voice, easy to listen to and that makes the miles fly by.

2. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

Just enough suspense to keep you interested but not so much you concentrate too much on the story and not your driving.

3. How to Train Your Dragon

Hmm, guessing you’re starting to see a trend. You see, a good middle grade book is about four hours, give or take, when read out loud, the perfect length for most of our car trips given we never quite start immediately when we hit the road and we want to be done before we ‘get there’. How to Train Your Dragon, I listened to the unabridged version but I’ve heard the abridged one is excellent, is fun, funny and so very, very different from the movie. There are a couple of blips -in the book there are apparently pages between a couple of the chapters where each dragon type is given ratings and statistics, those don’t translate very well to being read out loud.

4. A Cricket in Time Square – Tony Shaloub version

When Mr. Shaloub is on in this version, he’s really on. Unfortunately there are times he forgets and drops the characters’ voice but overall this is a really fun listen.

Oh phooey, that’s only four! Hmm, nothing which I’ve heard comes to mind, although my sister said the audio of Austenland was really good, I’ve never listened.  While there are a number of books which I like well enough, none of them stand out as ones I’d happily recommend. Of course there are also those I’d heartily recommend you avoid (Eragon!) but that’s not going to help me finish this list. Well shoot, I think I’m just going to have to leave the fifth space open. Once I have a recommendation, I’ll be sure to post about it.

Oh! Now the next fun part. I can nominate three bloggers and ask them to list their top five books. Ooh, probably should ask first! Dang. What the heck, I’m going to jump in and hope they play. Let’s see. Thinking Karen Robiscoe, over at Charron’s Chatter might jump in the pool with me. Maybe Bobbi Romans too, although after her pool disaster she may want nothing to do with one. Oh, and if I could get Gina Ardito to join in, that’d a blast. She’d bring the ‘razzaritas’ and we’d definitely be having a party! Of course since I haven’t warned, um, asked them first it’s pretty much a shot in the dark but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!




7 thoughts on “The {Booker} Award – My Five Favorite (Audio)Books

  1. What a great idea Ellie. Before I read it, I did a quick skim of the list and immediately thought–commuting with kids. I am taking notes on these books especially as today I am driving my daughter to sleep-away camp. It will be her first time. I wish I had the list before but I will have it for when I pick her up next week. Great post.

  2. I’m in! Thanks for thinking of me, Ellie. I am a library goer for audio, but an AVID audio book listener, so I’ll have to research my narrators first. The right voice is so key, and the books I have in miind were well orated indeed! I’ll be posting at Charron’s Chatter in the next couple days for sure. Do I pass the baton, then, so to speak..? 😉

    • Yes! An you don’t have to do audio books, that’s just what I decided to do since I already have lots of posts on my favorite. The Booker Award about escaping in books, I take it, so do books however you want – paperback, YA, all time favorite, etc. Enjoy!

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