11/13 Slow Pitch/Query Contest week… #MuseTracks this week #pitchwars #pitchmas coming up

Very slow week so I’ve included some links to some sites which have had great articles recently. First to the trickle of contests:

This Saturday  MuseTracks (link over there on the side) is having their Agent Editor Shop. This is a single agent contest. They’ll be holding it on Nov. 18th 2012 and featuring Melissa Jeglinski w/ The Knight Agency.

What’s  ‘Agent/Editor Shop’  you ask?
How many of us wish we could pitch to an industry professional? That is, without the frills? No parties, no travel, no conference costs, no hectic schedules? Don’t get me wrong, the conferences, promos, signings and parties have their place and time, but what about in between?
Here’s what we’re going to do.
This isn’t a contest… there aren’t any winners… just a chance to put your pitch in front of agent/editors(s) who are interested in shopping a bit. They’ll read the pitches and request more – IF – your pitch grabs their attention. What they request is up to them. We do not guarantee anything.

As always, just a little teaser of information, you’ll need to follow the link for the full details.

Staring after Thanksgiving Brenda Drake and a team of authors will be hosting PitchWars. Preliminary information is out now, more to come!

We’re extremely excited to announce an upcoming event where agented authors, industry interns, and editors team up with aspiring writers to shine up their manuscripts and pitches to present to some awesome agents.
Here’s the deets…
·        The teams will consist of 1 agented author or industry intern or editor (coaches) and 1 aspiring author.
·        November 26: The coaches (listed on the linky below) will post on their blogs what genre/category they want to coach. They’ll be very specific genres. Aspiring writers will hop around and decide which coaches best fit their manuscripts.
·        December 5: Aspiring writers will submit 3 “applications” to their top choices for coaches to the contest email (brendadrakecontests@gmail.com) during the allotted times (8AM to 8PM EST). That means, participants will send three separate emails to the contest email addressing each with one of their three top choices for coach.

AFTER NaNoWriMo, December 4-6, Pitchmas, A Holiday Pitchfest (multi agent/editor) will be happening on Jessa Russo and FeakySnucker’s blogs:

This will be a three-day event (you will not have to participate in all three days if you don’t want to) where your peers will first help you hone your Twitter/Blog pitches and then you will have the chance to pitch your manuscript to your dream editor or literary agent!!!
*All manuscripts must be completed and polished.

So, what to do if you’re NOT doing NaNoWriMo? Not contests, but I’ve found these blogs have had some really helpful ‘writer’ tips lately:

Red Sofa Literary Agency, in honor of NaNoWriMo is posting writing and submission advice every day! Day #13 – Best time to Query is good, as is Day #10 – Revise, Revise and  Revise again. Heck all of them are good, go and take a look.

Lit Reactor had a good post recently about Eight Words to Seek and Destroy in your Manuscript. They always have interesting and informative articles as well – from editorials on the Sock Puppet incidents at Amazon (and Amazon’s reaction) to grammar tips to a discussion titled “Should Some Books Be Banned?” Not a bad place to check out or subscribe to the ‘feed’ for. (They also have classes and seminars, however I have no experience with them and cannot personally recommend them, so do your due diligence and ask around, read reviews, etc, before signing up)

Rachelle Gardner is on a roll with posts on What Does Your Online Activity Say About You?, ‘The Best Blogging Tip Ever’ and Writing a One Sentence Summary.

Finally one several of my friends (an myself as well!) can relate to: Writer Beware Blogs  Guest Blog Post: Mustering the Courage to Turn Down a Publishing Contract. While the hosts of all these contests I link to do their best to provide clear and unfettered access to publishers and agents, you still need to do your due diligence and check out each one. I’d suggest you do it prior to entering so if there’s a request for more information you can go in eyes wide open and not just in a heady rush. To be clear, I’m not saying there have been any publishers which are on any of the ‘beware’ lists, or anything of that nature, in any contest that I am aware of, just that it make sense to not automatically assume a publisher (or agent) is in ‘good standing’ because they are taking part in a contest. (and that was clear as mud, but hopefully you get the point)

JUST ran across this and had to add it too! Sarah LaPolla’s blog post on ‘Shady Business’ ties in well with the above post. She talks about ‘new’ agents who have no experience as well as new (e)publishers and has EXCELLENT advice on what to look for (and what to watch out for).

Happy reading, and to those people participating in NaNoWriMo, go, go go! Fingers crossed you make your goal.

(Making a note to myself, if I ever organize a pitch contest, I might want to run it the last week of November. People should be over their exhaustion from the explosion of  Fall contests. Maybe a ‘black friday’ one. Liking this idea! Something to mull over for next year).


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