12/13 Ask an Agent/Editor #agentink & New Site to find CPs #CPSeek

Two exciting developments! First, today over at Ink in the Book, there’s an ask the agent/editor day going on. (It’s part of Agent Ink, which is still open by the way!).  Here’s a bit about it:

I hope you have lots of questions to ask because our agents are standing by to try their best and answer your inquiries! They will be popping in all day to check out your questions and to cheer you fabulous writers on to better writing!

Inquiring minds want to know, right? So now’s your chance.

During the day, I will be updating the blog with awesome AGENT and EDITOR INSIDER news.

But, even more exciting, a bunch of the wonderful mentors from Pitchwars have gotten together to create CPSeek, a forum for people looking to find critique partners, meet other writers and hang out. Fizzygrrl’s description:

This place is for whatever it needs to be for, :)

If you have a passage you need to have looked at, make a new post for it. But mostly it is for networking and finding any kind of help you might need, as well as making new friends.

So far, nothing is set in stone, so let’s just go with it and have fun!

Seriously cool idea! Hope to see you over there.


3 thoughts on “12/13 Ask an Agent/Editor #agentink & New Site to find CPs #CPSeek

  1. There are so many rumors, yet everyone seems to skirt the questions. I self published my book “concept”. Am I black balled? Should I just stop here? Create Space is a great place to print real prototypes. I am working on a 3-5 year old PB about baseball. Some people have pigeon holed me immediately because its sports, with out a chance. I test marketed 50 books with 50 different parents/kids. I have mailed 288 copies to random libraries in 48 states. I just completed the Spanish translation and am working on the Japanese book now. Create Space has allowed me to make “cheap” samples of my book to work with and test market.

    I am working on the concept, and refining it as I go. I am developing the sequel to book one now to help sell the story.

    Am I developing to much for a presentation? Are agents really the high school cliche that doesn’t like sports? Is the fact that I am just a normal dad, that works for a living, is ambitious and feels the passion to help change other peoples lives a negative attraction? Should I eliminate all of my art off line and make it look like I never did it with a new name?

    • Hey Kevin, I understand your frustration. I don’t think anyone is trying to black ball you, but I also don’t think that there’s any distinction between a prototype and a book when it comes to self publishing. The idea and concept are the same, no matter what form it’s in, so the story has been published and some agents won’t look at anything that’s been self published. I don’t think it’s a sports thing at all. Personally, I’d move on to the second book and pitch that one. If you get an agent who is interested, then say you have a prequel which is self published. Or, even better, if you have an unrelated story, pitch that! Then, if you get an agent who is interested you can ask if they’d also be interested in your other works. But, yeah, self published is self published, no matter what the intent or drive behind it you can’t take that status back.

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