New Year, New Contests – Starting 1/1/13 w/ #MysteryAgent

I had planned to go through and announce how many contests I had highlighted over the past year for this post, but time (and family commitments) pulled me away, so I’ll be tallying things up some other significant time.

As for January Contests, the new year is starting with some single agent contests and moving to a wonderful twitter pitch contest at the end of the month. The very first one STARTS tomorrow!  Ready, set, go!…

Operation Awesome  is having their monthly Mystery Agent on TUESDAY, JANUARY 1! Here’s some deets (as always be sure to go to the site for ALL the details!):

Hello, all!!! You may or may not know that tomorrow is our January Mystery Agent Contest. For that reason, I’m here to provide a few details about what our Mystery Agent is and isn’t looking for.
So. Here’s what our Mystery Agent wants:
Adult & YA fiction
-soft science fiction
-all subgenres of the aforementioned 3 genres
-gritty, dark narratives
-contemporary YA 
(lighthearted, funny, and moving with a raw, authentic teen voice)
-stories with strong characters, smart-mouthed dialogue, and strong plots that balance romance and action
Musetracks will be having an Editor Shop with Jennifer Miller of Samhain on January 12 (have I mentioned I’d adore to be published by Samhain?! 🙂 ).  PLUS there’s a LOT of other GREAT stuff going on! Here’s a sample:
As an added bonus to our Editor Shop, I’ve invited some Samhain authors to the blog to talk, answer questions and give-a-way some books to anyone who comments!
Comment to win on Jan 12th, 2013!
Miss Snark’s First Victim will be having a Secret Agent Contest on January 14, details will be posted on her blog on January 7.  All little snippet from her blog (be sure to check there for full details on what the agent is looking for and details on submissions):
Submissions for our first Secret Agent contest of the year will be on the 14th.  Guidelines will post on the 7th.  Because of the Baker’s Dozen hullabaloo, we haven’t had a Secret Agent contest since October!  So I think this will be especially fun.
In late January,the 25, Brenda Drake will be coordinating a twitter pitch event (#pitmad!). Brenda has some of the best contests with some very nice (and helpful!) agents and editors. I expect this will be no different. Be sure to follow her blog and find out all the details as they become available. Her sneak peek (posted on  CPSeek, a GREAT resource!) :
We will hold a twitter pitch party following the agent round and alternate showcases for Pitch Wars on January 25 from 8AM EST to 8PM EST. The pitch is 140 characters and you must fit in the hashtag #PitMad. So get those pitches ready!
I’ve leads on several contests in February, one of which it’s worth while to note now as there’ll be a bunch of prep needed by you AND your critique partner. Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire will be coordinating, with her critique partners, #PAPFest.
In our model, writers will pitch their critique partner’s project, and our team will decide whose pitching abilities are so strong that we’re interested in seeingtheir own project. And of course, if the premise of the partner’s project is so enticing that we can’t help ourselves, we’re free to request material from them as well.
That sounds like a lot of fun and really hard! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
If you know of any contests I’ve missed, be sure to comment below and I’ll add them. Don’t forget to check out my page with popular contest hosting sites, as well as subscribe to my feed, which has links to industry and agent news.  Fingers crossed for everyone who enters a contest in the new year!