Amber Green on new beginnings

Over at Some Write It Hot blog, Amber Green is writing on new beginnings, pushing boundaries and dealing with the past in her post Facing the New Year.

She says this at the very end, which I absolutely love:

But living means moving forward, even when that means leaving a comfortable rut. Moving forward means facing the new, stepping out to grasp and embrace it.  Even though we see the promises and know some of them mask losses, we move forward anyway. Because that’s what living is. And because some of those promises will come true.

The rest of the post is just as wonderful.


Wonderful interview of Amber Green by KevaD

Great interview by KevaD of Amber Green. Love her stuff! Be sure to click on the link for the full interview.

If Amber Green wrote bistro menus, each would convey a variety of suspense and intrigue within light pastry folds of premières, quick wit.

She is the living definition of wordsmith and undoubtedly rivals the CIA in her knowledge of people, cultures, and traditions.

A born and bred Southern girl, she continues to make her home in the Deep South. Only the sun can match the size and warmth of her heart and on any day, numbers of friends and relatives can be found milling about her home enjoying her hospitality and home cooking. Most stray animals in the area wind up on her porch for a free meal, a warm bed, and a bath. She is a woman devoted to family.

Half way Nano-ers! Go, writers, go!

Wow, can you tell I miss not doing NaNo this year?  🙂

Fingers crossed that all my friends are at good places (and happy with their story!) as it’s pretty much half way through the challenge.

Life has calmed down enough here, I may also get a few words on paper, but nothing close to what they are doing.

I have to admit, again, I am excited to see what new stories will be coming down the pike from this. Always fun stuff!.

I entered my first ever ‘pitch’ contest and…

I entered my first ever pitch contest over at Savvy Authors and have been asked for a partial and a query. (insert crazy happy dance here!!!)

Partial not so much the issue, but, gulp…a query?… um, NEED TO WRITE ONE!

I cannot tell you how very, very glad I am to have the support of my crit group ERA right now!


The Distraction of New Ideas–Part Two (via Some Write It Hot)

I’m at it again over at Some Write it Hot!!

The Distraction of New Ideas–Part Two Last time I talked about getting rid of those top of the brain new story ideas which are clamoring for attention while you are trying to write. And I mentioned I tend to save a note, perhaps the scene with three or four tag line ideas as to why it happened or a short paragraph if there’s a more solid story racing around. This is because for me, ideas come in one of two categories, scenarios I wonder about and people I see doing things and I wonde … Read More

via Some Write It Hot

“Traditional” E-pub vs Self E-pub

Over at Some Write it Hot, Evanne Lorraine shares some thoughts on going the ‘traditional’ e-publishing route vs. self e-publishing.

In the full interests of disclaimers: I am always, always leery of people who *first* go the self epub route. Personally, I don’t recommend it. If your stories are continually getting rejected that’s usually a sign your writing still needs work. I say ‘stories’ because I simply can’t imagine some jumping on the self epub band wagon based on one story’s rejection, that, to me is the height of self delusion.

Obviously there will be exceptions to any rule,  but for the vast majority of writers, unfortunately the harsh truth is they are getting rejected because their writing is not of the caliber they think it is.

That said, I am far less leery of someone who has run the gauntlet of getting pubbed, particularly if they are multi-book pubbed, going the self epub route. As Evanne says, there types and genres of stories which epubs look for and when you have something which cannot be conveniently slotted, well, you are stuck.

I hope her venture into self e-publishing goes well.  A Scarlet Past, is scheduled for release this November direct to Kindle via Amazon’s digital platform. I’m certain she’ll update us!