Friday Song/Video: Fa La Freezing

Hope everyone is having a great day!  Here’s a updated take by MyFirstEathquake on a classic. Fun and quirky, even if the lyrics need a touch of work, IMO.

And yes,  it is freezing and yes, I’d LOVE a hot cup of cocoa! But I’m more of a whipped cream with my cocoa kinda gal. Given the strong possibility of snow at the end of the weekend, I’ll likely be mixing up a batch soon. Hmm, probably should get marshmallows for the kids, they like having both.



Friday Video / Song – Hanukkah

I’m just starting out with this, and there are SO many I could put up. However, it being Hanukkah and all, well, I’m going with this one. I was dancing to it while making Latkes the other night. 🙂

If anyone knows where to find this without the pop up ad at the start, let me know!