Zach Sweets over at Hearts on Fire Reviews give Ginny’s Capture 4 stars!

Here’s the start (not sure of the right way to do this so just showing the first couple of lines and linking to the review)

Another Lesbian vs. Zombie short story I’ve enjoyed. Dee found out Ginny is in trouble and she wants to save her from the zombies. She has to go back to the University she once swears she wouldn’t ever go back two years ago.

And here’s the link.

Yes, I can’t stop smiling. 🙂


Yay! Got my first ‘yes’ to a review request.

I got my first yes to a review request.

Babbling About Books and More sent me this very nice note:

Hi Ellie,

Ginny’s Capture sounds fascinating. I’d love to read and review, but I must warn you I have a big backup of other books to review and won’t be able to review right away. Also, I’m a very honest reviewer and I don’t sugar coat my reviews, so if you’re okay with that, please send your book.

Also, if you have your cover and links, etc… I can highlight it in a post on my blog.

With Noble’s tight schedule I don’t have links or cover yet (or a preview PDF) but they were also very sweet about that as well.

But one day in what, from here, looks like the distant future, I’ll have a review of my book up at Babbling About Books and More .

Happy Dance!

Added my profile to Manic Readers

One of the places Noble Romance suggest authors create a page at is Manic Readers. Spent a bit of time creating my page. But it’s there, now. 🙂

Oh, and have been sending out requests to review to paranormal romance book review sites which also take f/f. Not a lot out there it turns out. Thing is, while I don’t rule out writing more f/f I don’t anticipate writing more, and I’m not liking having to pigeon hole my work. Yep, heard this song before by other writers (KevaD comes to mind, although he writes across a much broader spectrum).

We’ll see how the requests work out. 🙂