Other Writing/Writers Blogs

Here just a couple of the blogs I follow:

Dorothy Surrenders
“A gay gal’s guide to pop culture. Why let the boys have all the fun?” Interesting, often thought provoking and always fun (tank top Tuesdays!) this new find has risen to the top of my ‘must read’ blogs. Monday-Friday posts only, though 😦

Excellence in Editing
Uber helpful advice for novice to intermediate writers and beyond. Need some help editing your manuscript? Contact Gina for excellence in editing! In the meantime, enjoy these helpful hints to perfect your work.

The Bad Luck Detective
Suzy Ivy has such a wonderful voice in her writing. She chronicles her life as a law enforcement agent in a small town after having attended the academy after a mid-life career change. Usually light hearted and often very funny, she doesn’t skirt big issues when she needs to address them.

Guns, Gams and Gumshoes
As they put it: A couple of PIs who also happen to be writers. Good stuff here! Seriously excellent background info if you write about PIs as well as helpful real life tips.

The Corporate Writer
Not always relevant to fiction writing, but always interesting with lively discussions.

The Swivet
This link takes you to Colleen LIndsay’s list of Word Count by Genre(s). Just one agent/person’s take on it, but a helpful ‘guideline’.

Jennifer Represents/Literaticat Wordcount Dracula
Another great post with suggested word count by genre.

Jennifer Represents/Literaticat Big Ol’ Genre Glossary
Keeping in mind this is just one agent’s take on definitions of genres, it’s is very helpful to get a feel of what elements make up what types of stories so that you can pitch your story in the appropriate category. Highly recommend reading it if you have any magical/fantasy/paranormal elements at all.


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