1/19 Pitch Events, ABNA, Twitter fun and More


Jess Schira commented last week that I ought to include the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. I so agree! (I had hoped to create a separate post just on the event, but as I was out with a nasty virus most of the week the post didn’t get written.) But it’s not too late! Here’s the link for the main page on what they’re looking for as well as links to FAQ and other information. The entry window is STILL open as of right now (last day to enter is 1/27 or when they’ve received 10, 000 entries which ever is first), so get over there and enter!

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest has arrived. You won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to win a publishing contract with Amazon Publishing. Now in its sixth year, this international contest promises to be the best yet. Here’s what’s new:

One Grand Prize winner will receive a publishing contract with an advance of $50,000, and four First Prize winners will each receive a publishing contract with an advance of $15,000. Visit the Prizes page for the full list of prizes and details.

We’ve expanded the categories to include five popular genres: General Fiction, Romance, Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror and Young Adult Fiction. And we’re accepting entries from more countries than ever before. For complete eligibility details, view the official contest rules, or read details on how to enter.

January 25, Brenda Drake will be coordinating a twitter pitch event (#pitmad!). Brenda has some of the best contests with some very nice (and helpful!) agents and editors. I expect this will be no different. Be sure to follow her blog and find out all the details as they become available. Her sneak peek from her blog :

TWITTER PITCH PARTY! For those of you who didn’t make it into Pitch Wars and just for everyone, there will be a twitter pitch party on the hashtag #PitMad on January 25 from 8AM to 8PM. We’ll announce more details as the event nears. So get your twitter pitches ready and make sure to include the hashtag in your 140 character count.

The Blind Speed Dating Event, over at Cupid’s Literary Connection is still going on! There is a $10 entry fee, which in large part goes to a charity donation. Given the size of this contest ( 6 weeks & 60 entrants a week – and that’s just to start!) the time commitment is huge on Cupid‘s part. I have to say, this is one of my favorite contests too (although I do wish there were more adult category writers in the bouncers, but it is what it is). Wait, what? You want more info? Here ya go (I’m posting a little longer blurb than usual, but then this is a jumbo sized contest):

The contest consists of two parts: The preliminary round (Bouncer round) and the agent round (Honorary Cupid round). I am accepting a total of 360 entries into the Bouncer round. The Bouncers are all published or soon to be published authors and agent interns. As implied, they’re the Bouncers, and you must receive a “You’re in!” from one of them in the comments of your first-round entry to make it into the agent round. (They can, but are not required to comment more than this.)

So, 360 entries is a lot to read. That’s why I have 15 Bouncers lined up. I will accept 60 entries per submission window, so there will be 6 entry windows. Each window gets its own week on the blog (1/14-2/21). Each submission window is assigned 3 Bouncers. They will each read 20 entries and choose their 3 favorites to proceed. (So 9chosen a week, 54 total.) You will not know which of the 3 Bouncers will judge your entry as they will be using undercover Bouncer names. It is up to the Bouncer if they want to reveal their identity after the contest is over.

But that’s not all, she’s also arranging some one-on-one online meeting times with editors. Now these appointments aren’t free, but they are a heck of a lot cheaper than most conferences (you can bid on them but she’s put a top limit on the dollar amount for each conference). The first set of slots has already gone up for bids and closed, however she says there’ll be others so keep your eyes peeled if this appeals to you!
A new contest (well new-to-me!) site: Writers Digest Guide to Literary Agent’s Blog. Really! They’re having a Dear Lucky Agent contest right now. Here’s what they’re looking for. If this interests you, head over to the site for all the details:
Welcome to the 13th (free!) “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest on the GLA blog. This is a recurring online contest with agent judges and super-cool prizes. Here’s the deal: With every contest, the details are essentially the same, but the niche itself changes—meaning each contest is focused around a specific category or two. So if you’re writing either a science fiction novel (adults or teens) or any kind of young adult novel, this 13th contest is for you! (The contest is live through January 31, 2013.)
I’ve leads on several contests in February, one of which it’s worth while to note now as there’ll be a bunch of prep needed by you AND your critique partner. Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire will be coordinating, with her critique partners, #PAPFest. *** They’ve added a list of agents, be sure to check it out!
In our model, writers will pitch their critique partner’s project, and our team will decide whose pitching abilities are so strong that we’re interested in seeingtheir own project. And of course, if the premise of the partner’s project is so enticing that we can’t help ourselves, we’re free to request material from them as well.
That sounds like a lot of fun and really hard! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
Plus Operation Awesome has a mystery agent on the first of every month – so be sure to stop by their blog and check out who it is on February 1.
If you know of any contests I’ve missed, be sure to comment below and I’ll add them. Don’t forget to check out my page with popular contest hosting sites, as well as subscribe to my paper.li feed, which has links to industry and agent news.  And don’t forget to join/check out  CPSeek, it is a GREAT resource! They have a listing up there for a very fun one which’ll run from Feb-March, I’ll be listing soon, but if you want early info, join the site.