My Favorite Books #5- Tamora Pierce

Since I can’t possibly pick just one book , this’ll have to be a favorite author day instead!

Tamora Pierce. Love her world building, love her strong women, love her girls growing up into strong women. Fickle gods, magic, mayhem. Yeah, they’re pretty good reads.

If I had to choose my favorite…probably Trickster’s Choice. Love the storyline. But then… for story crafting I really like Terrier. The subtle change and growth in the actual ‘journal’ as the story progresses is wonderful.

My *only* complaint is sometimes the story arc seem to rush towards the end, as if she already has her mind on other things and is ‘done’ with the story so she wraps it up. The Immortals Quartet was the one I found to be the most rushed. But maybe that was just me, wanting the story to last that much longer.

Be sure to check out her website. Lost of good stuff there, including an extensive list of ‘future’ books in the left side bar. Very excited to see some of the future stories she’s already mapping out!

If you like Tamora Pierce, you may also like Sherwood Smith’s Once A Princess (and it’s follow up), Elizabeth Moon’s Paksenarrion series,  Mercedes Lackey’s By The Sword and Kristen Britain’s Green Rider (although I don’t recommend much past the second book in that series).


My Favorite Books #9, A Posse of Princesses by Sherwood Smith

Actually, A Posse of Princesses by Sherwood Smith is one of my daughter’s favorite books and when I asked her for a suggestion she couldn’t believe I hadn’t included it yet.

So here we go. I *have* to use the original cover, it’s much better than the new one as it shows more of the diversity of the group:

And here is the review I wrote back in 2009 on it:

I love fantasy and now have a daughter who loves it too. The good news/bad news is that, while she’s only in first grade she’s reading at a fifth grade or above level. While I’ve been able to find some fantasy books at her reading level that don’t have implied, or semi explicit sex, it’s hard! Even Tamora Pierce, one of my fav authors, won’t work for her. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think sex (implied or semi explicit) is inappropriate to put in books for middle school and above, however I do think my daughter, at six, is too young to read it.
This book, however, is a wonderfully fun, chaste, book. She can’t decide which of the princesses is her favorite and likes them all. And it shows her that, just like people, princesses come in all types, shapes and sizes (and temperaments!) Although I figured out the plot twist pretty early on, the book still worked and the last third, wherein the ‘Posse’ is formed makes up for the plot device. I didn’t like how the ending was handled when I first read it, but it’s grown on me.
Recommended (for you and your precocious daughter if you have one!)

Hope you like it as much as we did (my daughter corrected that to “as much as we do!“)