X (or Making Connections One Year Anniversary!!)

This page is dedicated to the Making Connections One Year Anniversary Celebration. 

(It’s an A-Z themed event and I’m doing letter ‘x’, if you haven’t guessed.)

Now, my ‘x’ post isn’t going to go up until later, so why, you might be thinking, is she making a page dedicated to the celebration?

First, while a main focus of this blog is opportunities to get your work in front of an agent or editor, one of the things you need to do AFTER your book is published is get it in front of readers.

Making Connections is all about that happening! They are a FREE and simple way for you to get review copies in the hands of readers who a) want to read them and b) will leave honest reviews of your work.

So, without further ado, here’s the info on the main event:

Making Connections Blog Banner


It all started with an idea. Why not make a place where we can bring authors, bloggers, publishers, and reviewers together all in one place?

December 2012 marked the one-year anniversary of the Making Connections group. Since then, we have grown beyond our imagination. Not only have we listed almost 850 books in the original Making Connections group for review, we have also branched off and made a Young Adult group with 200 books listed for review.

Thank you for being part of this group and for helping us celebrate our one-year anniversary! We look forward to see where 2013 will take us.

There is a RAFFLECOPTER Giveaway over on the main blog, where they are GIVING AWAY THREE EBOOK READERS so be sure to go check that out!

Here’s the rest of the alphabet group, stop by and check out their posts as well.

13 Wynne Channing http://wynnechanning.wordpress.com/
14 Meredith Bond http://meredithbond.com/blog/posts/
15 Donna   www.donnagalanti.com
16 Samantha  http://bookloverscozycafe.blogspot.com
17 Stephanie   Http://stephsbookretreat.wordpress.com
18 Alana  http://darkobsessionchronicles.blogspot.com
19 Cody Kennedy    www.CKennedyAuthor.blogspot.com
20 SantaFlash http://santaflash.wordpress.com/
21 Think Books http://thinksbooks.blogspot.com
22 Maghon  http://magluvsya03.wordpress.com
23 Debbie   http://amethysteyesauthor.blogspot.ca/
24 Pragya   http://reviewingshelf.wordpress.com
25  Ellie      https://elliewrites2.wordpress.com
27 J.A. Beard  www.riftwatcher.blogspot.com
28 Tana  www.tana-someofmyfavoritebooks.blogspot.ca/
Sheri  www.makingconnectionsgroup.blogspot.ca/

Say something, you know you want to!

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